ELSA'S ATTIK - Decluttering for Our OPEN HOUSE


 In preparation for our OPEN HOUSE, happening on 18-19 MARCH
 at our warehouse, Elsa decided to go through her closet & decide on what items she's like to sell at the event. 
There are so many pieces in our closet that never get worn, either because they need some work, or because we just don't like them anymore. That's why it's important to declutter every season!
Let's start with the easiest: the shoes! It's easy to know which shoes you like and which you'd rather let go by judging how much you wear them, how comfortable they are, and how happy you feel when you wear them.
Beachwear is more than just swimsuits, it's also things like coverups, shorts, and dresses! Go through these items, because even though they're not a lot, it's always important that you are comfortable and happy with them.
Matching sets are so fun to style! But if one of the pieces don't fit you right, it can be hard to keep them. 
These items are tricky. Sometimes, you will be emotionally attached to them, but you never really wear them anymore! If they're a cut, pattern, or color you don't like anymore, it might be time to throw them away.
See what Elsa is selling at our OPEN HOUSE here:
Join us NEXT WEEKEND to shop Elsa's Attik, & so much more!

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