It's definitely time for us to drop a new #PA Product. We're long overdue. Ever since we created the PA SCRUNCHIE, we've been thinking of new & more creative ways to repurpose fabric scraps & damaged items that don't make the cut here at Pink Attik. And along came... The PA Tote! A sturdy tote bag, big enough to carry the largest of laptops & notebooks, with 3 pockets on the inside & a place to hang your keys. 
Our tote started out as a way to use up not just one scrap of fabric, but 5! It became a sort of game that tested the creativity of the team: Who mixed these two fabrics together? Who thought wool and latex went so well together?
And so the process started. The very first PA Tote prototype was a lot smaller than it is now. It had enough space to carry a small laptop (a Macbook air, Windows users were not as lucky), and a couple of A5 notebooks. The next prototype was sturdier and bigger, and it is what we based the final size on. 
Above is the body & inside of the PA Tote.  And then attaching the keyholder...
Et voila! The PA Tote was born. In all its variety! Each one is unique. Dropping this Sunday!

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