RECYCLING - In Unexpected Ways!

 Happy Thursday! Here at Pink Attik, we end the week on Thursdays during the Summer. Let's start our weekend on a positive & eco-friendly note.
The core of Pink Attik's message is to spread eco-consciousness. We love and encourage the recycling of materials. 
We are used to seeing people separate waste, recycling their plastic containers, and reusing their glass jars. But guess what, there are so many other ways to recycle!
We view the recycling and reusing of clothing items in a number of different ways. First, the revamping of an item counts as recycling it. Revamping is changing some of the attributes of a clothing piece for it to better fit your wardrobe. During Valentine's week this year, we revamped a heart-shaped bag: see it here & here.
Elsa also bough a COACH handbag from Pink Attik that was in very bad condition. She was able to revamp it just by taking it to a trusted tailor. Watch the full video here.
Another form of recycling clothing is through using fabric scraps & damaged items to create something completely new. Just because an item is not to your liking, that doesn't mean it has to go! We use fabric scraps and unwanted items to create the PA Scrunchie & the PA Tote Bag. There is always another way to #TellAnotherStory.


We also use recycled ribbons to make the tags on our #PAScrunchies.

How do you feel about recycling clothing items? <3


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