THE PA SCRUNCHIE: A Story & a Surprise

 Happy Friday! Today we're going to tell the story of our PA SCRUNCHIES.

The PA Scrunchie is made of damaged and unwanted items, as well as leftover fabric scraps. Launched in Christmas 2020, they have proved to make the easiest & most exciting gift (for your friends as well as yourself!)

Since upgrading our website, and expanding our mission, the Pink Attik Team have decided to become more selective with the items that are sold on our website. We have also been encouraging the recycling & reusing of fabric, instead of throwing them away. This is the concept behind the PA Scrunchie and its successor, the PA TOTE BAG.

So for the whole month of April, we have decided to promote the importance of reducing, reusing & recycling!

Buy two PA Scrunchies and get one FREE until the end of the month. 

Here are some ways we like to style the PA SCRUNCHIE:


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