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  We all have that one piece that we've gotten from our moms, grandmas, or aunts, that we never feel like throwing away. It's just too sentimental! In this blog post, Elsa styles ONE vintage dress in THREE different ways. Because that's what makes second-hand sexy: styling the same item differently every day! 1. LOOK #1 - SUMMER VIBES Styling a long-sleeved dress in a way that's perfect for the beach. Paired with colorful earrings, a basic belt, and big sunglasses, you're ready to go! 2. LOOK #2 - GOTH BABE We've seen it so many times: stripes go great with black accessories. Keeping it simple might just be your best bet! HINT: add some black tights & boots for...

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  BEFORE vs AFTER  - VINTAGE COACH BAG  Here at Pink Attik, we're a team of avid thrifters. We know that during the thrifting process, it's so easy to find items we love that might be slightly damaged. But, this never demotivates us from buying the piece anyway! During the selection process at Pink Attik, we come across tailored pants, shirts without buttons, or items that are stained or torn. This week, we came across a stained vintage Coach bag.Once this bag arrived at the warehouse, Elsa was quick to call dibs on the bag, and she was inspired to revamp it As shown in the image above, the bag was worn out, with stains all over. After some work on...

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