HALLOWEEN COLLECTION Spooky season is upon us! This year, we're focused on making Halloween costumes out of items that we already have, and that we are able to wear all year long. Here at Pink Attik, there's nothing we love more than getting the most wear out of a piece that we possibly can! Instead, we decided to keep it simple with the outfit, and instead focus on hair, makeup, nails, and accessories in order to achieve the look we want.     Here are some of our ideas for costumes this year, and the good news is: you can shop all these items right here, on Pink Attik, this Sunday!  DISCOVER HOW WE RECTREATED THESE LOOKS THE PINK ATTIK WAY... This...

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TIPS & TRICKS    In this week's blog post, we will be sharing 10 tips that will help you easily organize your closet. These tips come in handy during transition seasons, similar to the conditions in Lebanon now! It's important to stay updated on what you have in wardrobe & what you need, so follow these tips to make the best of your style & closet! 1. GO THROUGH YOUR CLOSET AT LEAST TWICE PER YEAR Going through your closet, and organizing it at least twice per year – once during fall/winter, and the second time during spring/summer – is a great way to stay aware of what you have in your closet. 2. ORGANIZE YOUR CLOSET BY ARTICLE OF CLOTHING...

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GET TO KNOW YOUR IDEAL STYLE. Go through your own closet. What pieces that you already own make you feel good when you wear them? These are the pieces that need to stay. If there are pieces that do not spark your interest anymore, it might be a good time to give them away! OR SELL THEM ON PINK ATTIK 😉 CONSUME CONTENT THAT YOU LIKE. Surrounding yourself with content that inspires you is the best way to get started on learning about your personal style. This content could be in the form of magazine articles, Instagram posts, Tiktoks, etc. Save the content that inspires you all in one place, and give yourself time to think about what part of...

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