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   Happy Friday from the PA team! Today we're going to tell you about the event we held in March: The PA OPEN HOUSE!  On March 18-19, we opened the doors of our office for everyone to come and shop Pink Attik live. It was a lovely time: full of thrifting, yummy snacks, and fun.  Shown above: Our welcoming table! Fixed with our favorite Lebanese snacks, like Unica, Tarboosh & Bonjus. Everyone who joined us got a PA Sticker Sheet, and we also featured one of our favorite Lebanese brands, Boema, who showcased their beautiful closet scents. This event was lovely because we were able to meet new people who were interested in thrifting, as well as people who just...

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ELSA'S ATTIK - Decluttering for Our OPEN HOUSE

   In preparation for our OPEN HOUSE, happening on 18-19 MARCH  at our warehouse, Elsa decided to go through her closet & decide on what items she's like to sell at the event.  There are so many pieces in our closet that never get worn, either because they need some work, or because we just don't like them anymore. That's why it's important to declutter every season! 1. SHOES DECLUTTERING Let's start with the easiest: the shoes! It's easy to know which shoes you like and which you'd rather let go by judging how much you wear them, how comfortable they are, and how happy you feel when you wear them. 2. BEACHWEAR Beachwear is more than just swimsuits, it's...

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